It’s your choice

You transform when you are ready to recognize what is not true. And recognize what is true for you and who you really are. We accompany you – or your organization.

People experience themselves new and different to create a different experience from a new perspective

UChange offers many workshops on all topics of life. For example on the topics of money, forgiveness, parents, profession and vocation to name but a few. In each workshop people learn which convictions and beliefs are effective in them. In the context of the respective topic, the new perspective makes insight and transformation possible. The exchange with other participants additionally promotes deep understanding within oneself.

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The Academy is the link between Nicole and the world. This is where we educate and train.

The academy is the place where it is taught how more than just coaching happens through personal presence. The methods from systemic-constructivist and integral coaching are taught to ensure a solid, professional foundation. A deep understanding of how people function in themselves and how people function with other people remains crucial. Only those who have an expanded understanding of themselves can confidently accompany others in their development processes.

The UChange Academy