The Academy is the place where Nicole's teaching is passed on to people who want to accompany people in their development processes.

The Academy is the interface between Nicole's teaching and the world. Here we train interested people to support others in expanding their self-understanding.

The goal at every level of training is to bring people into an expanded personal presence. This is done through an ever deeper understanding of the structures and dynamics in people (and organizations) and the dissolving of one's own blockades and limitations.

This process is suitable for anyone who works with people and influences them through their position. Be it as a manager or entrepreneur as well as a coach/trainer or consultant. We start with a basic training as a (syst-constr and integral) coach. Prerequisite for the basic course is a fundamental understanding of one's own development process. In addition, further qualifications as a systemic consultant and as a constellation facilitator can be completed.

Those who have already fulfilled these basics can go on to become experts in transformation and dynamics and achieve the highest qualification to date within the framework of the Academy.

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