My main field of interest in the last 30 years was to understand how humans and complex systems function.

I created a teaching, that encompasses three domains:

  • 1. The individual understanding itself,
  • 2. the individual understanding itself in relation to another individual,
  • 3. the individual understanding itself in relation to the world.

My teachings have a high impact, based on a hands-on process of personal and systemic development. In my academy, I educate others how to facilitate such a process.

All my life I was fascinated by humanity as a whole. I understand our planet as an entity containing humanity, flora and fauna. Throughout our history we humans have created systems and procedures that resulted in a field of tension, working eventually against us. A field of tension, because humanity's goal of outrunning itself in form of performance, results, profits and lifestyle are contradicting the basic principles of fulfilment. The conflicts of interest between an organic approach and technology/profit are obvious. The deep understanding of interdependence would provide solutions for all the resulting challenges.

The strongest impulses for change in the world are coming from us humans, nature just evolves and copes with us as much as possible. All these impulses caused by people are driven by emotions - which are our (unacknowledged) unique power. The main driver is fear, which needs to be transformed into love and contribution. My teachings and development process is connecting one to its inner - already available - version of that.

Because, the moment people start to understand themselves and others, the chances for transformation are high. This is the way we create different, joyful experiences.

The world and our understanding of ourselves is complex. It starts with the history and experience of one's family over generations. As a young child I realised that my family was highly dysfunctional. I experienced that I have a choice. That choice was to understand the root of my family's dysfunctionality and how to find the path to an alternative. I developed a desperate need for experiencing truth in humans. That led me to asking questions until the truth was discovered. Nothing was accepted but authenticity. This hasn’t changed until today. It is now sustained by a congruent and holistic teaching, empowering people and organizations to take over responsibility for developing into a true version of themselves.

My aim is to approach and reach as many people, who then themselves are impacting large groups of people in order to facilitate a large scale commitment and drive to change the way we understand ourselves and the world as an entity. The leverage effect of my impact is what I’m seeking for.

I founded the company UChange as a platform for this purpose.

And btw.: we can always exchange about the bigger picture – even the universe as such.