Intensive days

Intensive days is the name of a three-day-long process that is based on written reflexion. It aims at identifying and questioning hindering beliefs like “I’m not able to do this”, “Everyone else is better than me” and “If I lose control, I lose everything” etc. The limitations we set for ourselves are diverse and true bulwarks, restraining our freedom and self-confidence. Instead, they cause stress and trouble in all areas of life, from relationships to career.

With the help of a questionnaire, we unveil how our individual belief systems solidified throughout our lives and how they fundamentally affect our actions and decisions. Read more

The questions are answered individually with multiple consultations with the trainer throughout the day.

The objective of this workshop is to dissolve and reverse beliefs in order to stop standing in your own way. Just to clear away the subconscious barriers and make room for the true self. As the name already says, it is an intensive but very effective process with positive side effects.

Cost: € 450 plus VAT

More information on request.

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Constellations uncover hidden dynamics within systems. The method is based on the phenomenon of representative perception. The chosen representatives of family members, colleagues, partners etc. are able to observe the emotions of the people they represent. Tensions and entanglements can be powerfully displayed via the physical order, which leads to a better understanding of the situation.

New correlations and interdependencies become visible, the way people are connected to and repel each other. With families, this works over generations. Read more

As soon as stresses and strains within the own universe become conscious, solutions can actively be introduced. So much for the theory.

In practice, this means you should bring casual clothes and comfortable shoes, since you will probably stand a lot. A contribution to the buffet is highly appreciated, snacks and beverages will be provided.

Cost: € 100 (+ € 50 for a constellation of your own. Both plus VAT).

More information on request.

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Happiness workshop

One of the most important questions that we ask ourselves in life is the focus of this multi-day workshop:

What is happiness?

Why can’t I be always happy? And why am I only sometimes truly happy? Why am I never happy when I want to be? Read more

This leads to the next question:
What do I have to do in order to be happy? Can I live life happily and still fulfil all my obligations?
With one question leading to the next, many see going abroad, separation and a different job etc. as the only answer they can find. These are only short-term solutions; they just last as long as it takes our past to catch up with us again. Who is responsible for this?
We are.

The answers to all the questions above lie within ourselves. We just need to allow ourselves to become aware of them, listen to them. This work is done best in a calm, quiet environment where body and mind can find rest.

Cost of the workshop: € 800 plus VAT (Flight and meals not included).

More information on request.

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Train the Trainer

TTT for short, is the process for anyone who strives for thorough authenticity in dealing with their surroundings. No matter where and how, as a trainer, coach, healer, in business or with friends and family.

While all retreats and workshops focus on the inside and how we face it, TTT is about the opposite: How do we express our true self? How do we achieve full presence? In order to make progress in this area, we should be ideally aware of who we are.

Every TTT is a journey of exploration to your true self. Since this is a group tour, it offers good company when facing barriers and inner resistance. The greater goal is to acknowledge and embrace your full potential.

Honesty and recognition of your true self are needed for this powerful and not always easy encounter with yourself. Thanks to the group, however, you’ll always know: You are not alone.

Train the trainer “Energy”

We talk about it a lot, feel it, think about it, take it and give it: energy.
It is the topic of this TTT. Energy of all characteristics. We can perceive different kinds of energy and vibes through many exercises. In the form of the human chakra, the aura, plants, the earth or via the karma. We learn how to integrate those vibes into our work. Read more

Cost: € 100 per day plus VAT (accommodation not included).

More information on request.

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Train the trainer “Forgiveness”

This workshop is suitable for anyone, no matter where you are in life. It is about one of the most obstructive and omnipresent topics: guilt.
Its insignificant whether you blame yourself or someone else. The moment you do you stop using your potential. You also stop contributing to the greater good by living peacefully. Read more

Everything that strains and burdens us takes away the clarity that we need in order to recognise the pattern and our self-inflicted victimisation.
The tools that this workshop provides allow to exit the powerful vicious circle of blame and guilt. We free ourselves from the rule of this construct in order to leave our own guilt behind.

Important: Discontinuities are not possible throughout the workshop since they would affect the whole group and the individual processes.

Cost: € 100 per day plus VAT (accommodation not included).

More information on request.

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Attention training

We like to get distracted and distract ourselves a lot.
With what? Mostly ourselves. There’s so much to discover in ourselves though. In order to do so, a high level of attention and focus is required, which is easiest to achieve with meditation and practice in natural surroundings. This is how we prepare our “channel” to send and receive, the basis of pure focus. We need it to discover our ability to communicate through different levels of consciousness in different places. Read more

Or how we connect and talk to other energies and beings.
The duration of this workshop is set to a maximum of nine days. If you cannot spare that much time, however, you can choose any duration from four days.

Place: TBA
Accomodation: Offered, arbitrary
Cost: € 100 per day (VAT and flight not included).

More information on request.

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Meaning and Summer

Everyone has asked themselves this question at some point in their life: What is the meaning of (my) life? Maybe you contemplated about it here and there, maybe after an extraordinary experience or while having dinner with friends. Since the answer to that question is life-changing, we mostly beat around the bush with platitudes and empty phrases. This workshop is for those who truly seek an answer and want to face it. Read more

In the course of this process, you will probably encounter some darker sides, so you will need some sunlight in between. This is why we confront this question and ourselves in a quiet place, in mild and sunny climate, somewhere by the ocean. For five days, we question our own status quo in order to find an answer to the big question. In case there is only one answer. Because there will be new questions and new perspectives: What do I do with my life? Do I find self-fulfilment? Am I making use of my full potential? And how do my new insights fit into my old life?
But be warned: It’s both – an exciting and a relaxing process that will change your life.

Place: Depends on group size.
Cost: € 800 (VAT, flight and accommodation not included)

More information on request.

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In our day-to-day life, we make countless distinctions, feel urged to perform well, put stress on ourselves, achieve things, try to create harmony around us and to satisfy our surroundings. That is hard work for body and mind. It’s no wonder we are tired and hardly get to fully recover from a day’s work. As a result, we begin to daydream and sometimes we even feel haunted.

All this interrupts the connection to ourselves and our potential, making us feel like we were not enough, like we were unable to live up to our purpose in life. We put in twice the effort for half the result. In short, we’re ready for a retreat in a beautiful, relaxing place. Read more

A minimum of nine days full of tranquillity and ease of mind thanks to meditation and awareness exercises. Together with a balanced diet, maximum distance to daily life and exchange of thoughts, it is ideal to open up to new insights and perspectives. That’s how we make our way back to where we find purpose and contentment: ourselves.

Cost: € 100 per day (VAT, accommodation and flight not included).

More information on request.

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