Hello, my name is Nicole Ehrenberg. Life means change. My professional career reflects that. For many years now, I accompany people on their journey to rediscovery of their true self.


After receiving my Abitur certificate and finishing business management training in the textiles sector followed an occupational change to wholesale, involving leadership and organisation of 16 affiliates. After that, I took over Europe-wide sales management of a known clothing company together with the introduction of IT solutions for an ERP system.

I began to work freelance at the intersection between humans and technology. Soon I discovered that in every part of the company, fears kept creativity and energy from flowing freely. At the same time I began participating in trainings with business consultant Eckhard Zahn. Then, in 1988 I registered business as a coach.

From there, my work has been focused on development of personnel. I made use of a wide array of methods, from individual coaching through team exercises and measures affecting the whole corporation. Key points are development of executives, conflict management, sales training and adjustments to the corporate strategy. Either per division or holistically, depending on company size.

Next to that, I am engaged in individual coachings, education of trainers and support of start-up firms, offering aid in creating concepts, aquiring investors and realization of the project. Other occupations include interim management in distribution, marketing and human resources. Networking is also an important part of my job, connnecting people, skills and functions within and between companies.


My diverse professional history allowed me to gain holistic insights into conscious, sub- and superconscious dynamics between people and the system we live in.

Due to my fascination with emotional, mental and cognitive processes and how they affect our lives, I continuously occupied myself with these interactions. In order to distinguish between reality, perceived reality and truth.

In short, I embarked on a journey from the known to the unkown. It is a thirty-year-long expedition with many interesting stations yet to come.

During this journey I worked out a lot of different methods. To be exact, one per person and company - tailored to the individual life, environment and system.

The underlying principle is rather simple but powerful:

Together we first identify fears and problems, analyse them and finally resolve them.

Only who understands himself, understands how to change himself. The role I play in this is to bring context to light and to catalyse this change in the right moments.